Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Playing with Poetry from 2009

This is a revision of a piece I wrote and posted on here back in 2009. I may revise it further, but here's what I've done with it this evening. Enjoy!

We are...the fruit of his lips
He, the root of our tree,
the legs to our hips.

We are...his ripened harvest,
the velvet liquid,
pouring from his bottle,
sloshing in the glass.

He is...

We are...the cotton of his candy,
the lolly of his pop.
We are, the chocolate chip
in his cookie dough.

He is the oven.
We are the bread.

We are the oven.
He is the bread.


You are...the raindrops on my window,
crashing gently,
trickling with violence,
demanding to come in.

Ra-tap, ta-tat tat....tappa tap tip!
Ba-dip ba dip ba dip...
da rop...drop...

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